Paul’s specific role in the company is broad-based black economic empowerment and how companies can make the most of opportunities within the structure and regulations of B-BBEE.  

Paul’s interest in B-BBEE started in early 2004 when he joined a small software firm. It was there that he started asking the question “how does a small white-owned company become empowered when there is no hope of ever finding a black shareholder?”  After leaving the software firm he started consulting to corporate South Africa on broad-based BEE.  At the outset Paul set his sights on assisting all businesses in understanding the ideas of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment, and how to implement them.   He has consulted to numerous businesses across South Africa and has expanded his service offering to include seminars and workshops.  

Paul writes for numerous publications on the subject of BEE, he is a regular contributor to Business Day’s Real Business and the Star Workplace.  He has spoken about the subject at numerous conferences and on national radio and TV.  His book “Broad based BEE for small business” was published in December 2005.

Paul is the author of the only blog dedicated to BEE.  Its readership includes industry experts, government officials and players across the private sector.  He has been quoted in publications like the Star, Business Day and the Sunday Times' Business Times.
  • Author of “Broad-based BEE for Small Businesses”, published in 2005.
  • Contributor to Business Day supplement “Real Business”, since September 2005.
  • Published in the Star Workplace, Sunday Times’ Business Times, die Beeld, Gauteng Business and the Cape Times.
  • Consultant and contributor to Small Capital issue number 5 “The Business of BEE”.
  • Sunday Times “It’s my business” August 2006.
  • Columnist for
  • Writer of the BEE section in the 2007 Impumelelo Top Empowerment Companies.
  • Contributor to Top Women Empowerment 2007
  • Presenter at the South African BEE conference & SMME expo (2005 and 2006)
  • Presented and wrote four one-day conferences on BEE and its implementation (2005 and 2006)
  • 11th Annual, Black Economic Empowerment Conference (May, 2006); Presentation - “Multinationals and BEE”.
  • Presented at and chaired the Sustainable Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Deals (August 2006).  Presentation  - “The perils of narrow based BEE and preferential procurement”.
  • Presentation to the 2006 and 2007 MBA class on BEE at Wits Business School.
  • Impumelelo Empowerment Conference 2007 and 2008. Presentation 2007 “BEE – what’s in it for you”. Presentation 2008 - "Enterprise Development – looking for sustainability"
  • Nedbank Small Business Seminars (June 2006).  Presentation -  “BEE for small businesses”, this was a national tour.
  • Wrote and facilitated a two day conference on government procurement and PPPFA (Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act).
  • nFold annual procurement conference, 2007 and 2008.
Radio and TV
  • Appeared on Real Business TV (Summit TV)
  • Morning Talk with John Perlman (SAfm)
  • Vuyo Mbuli show (SAfm)
  • Guest on KayaFM business show (Steve Bacher)
  • Raizin’ Entrepreneurs on Radio 2000
  • 702 (Leigh Bennie show)
  • Numerous telephonic interviews on radio stations around South Africa.
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