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Caird was one of the first companies to provide BEE consulting to South African corporates. Operating since 2003, the company has established a niche for itself as a boutique advisory firm in all aspects of Black Economic Empowerment. At all times we have taken the position that the preservation of the client’s business must remain a priority.  Our advisory work never strays from this principle and Caird strives to provide its clients with solutions that will not threaten the viability or profitability of its business. We has advised hundreds of local and international companies over the last fifteen years in all aspects of their empowerment process.

We have built up a wealth of knowledge over this period and are known in the industry as experts in our field. Our blog was the first blog dedicated to both thought and opinion on BEE implementation and short comings. In the process we have developed a formidable reputation as a governmental lobbying force.

We are known in the industry as lobbyists for equitable and sustainable legislation.


Cellphone: +27 83 227 1315


14 First Avenue West
Parktown North